Hey guys, I have a server made specially for content creators / consumers! If you want to share your art, writings, music, etc. and want to talk about it with others, then come join us at Crystal Connections!


We have a few simple rules: don't be a jerk, don't spam, and don't be rude.

Like  said in my collabinate post, I'm looking for about 2-4 background music tracks to use for a visual novel I'm working on. 

You can view all of my Ludum Dare entries on my Itch.io page or on my deviantART page.

I'm currently in need of 2-4 cute, light-hearted (maybe pop?) instrumental tracks for a game I'm working on. The game will be sold on Itch.io, meaning I will be making a profit from the game, meaning I need songs that are commercially available. I currently can only offer art as a means of payment, with no royalties from the music. However, I'm willing to offer about 2 pieces of art per song- these songs can either be originally made specifically for this game or songs that you've already made and are licensing to me- that can be used commercially. So, I'd be trading you art you can use commercially for music that I can use commercially. Sound fair?

Please PM me here, note me on deviantART, or email me at mikomikisomi@gmail.com if you're interested.

Hi There!

2014-07-11 20:32:52 by MikomiKisomi

Hey, just made my account on here! I've been playing games on this website ever since I was a little kid getting introduced to the Internet, and now that I'm an indie game developer, it's about time that I created an account here! You probably know me from deviantART, where I'm primarily an anime artist. Or even if you don't, hi!